Blog: About UX/UI website design

About UX/UI website design

About UX/UI website design

Back in the 1970’s, if you wanted to have the computer, you got to have the command line interface. The graphic design used today didn’t even be commercially. For the machine to be, users required to interact via programming language, involving seemingly endless lines of code to accomplish a simple task.

  • This wasn't possible until the late 1980's when computers were introduced.

  • Today, we can use the internet to communicate with our friends and family.

About UX

UX is booming. Over the last few years UX and empathy have turn into buzz words as companies large and little know they need somebody to take the creativity of the enterprise into the user friendly package. At this point, every business has in a website, if not a mobile program, and requires at least one designer on the team to take this operation.

About UI

UI design and UX design represent two of these most frequently confused and conflated statements in system and app design. And understandably then. They’re commonly put together in the single period, UI/UX design, and viewed from the device they appear to be describing the one situation. It’s much difficult to make good descriptions of these two that don't fall too far into jargon. But worry not! This "UI" at UI design stands for "user interface." The user interface is The graphic design of The application. It comprises of the buttons users go on, the book they read, the pictures, sliders, text entry areas, and all the part of the items that person interacts with. That includes surface design, modulations, interface animations and every single micro-interaction. Any kind of visual component, action, or animation must all be planned.

The machine needed to be, since it wasn't feasible for the user to do that without any programming  language. This is where UX comes into play, and how we can design our own experiences with the help of UX. When designing an experience, there are two main things to consider:

  1. What is the user's need?

  2. What does he want?

  3. What is his goal?

  4. Why should he use it?

  5. What is the purpose of using it?

This is a very important question, because it means that you have to think about your users' needs and wants. If you don't know what they really want, then you can't make any decisions  about what they actually want. So, let's start with the basics: When we talk about UX  and UI, we are talking about the way people interact with things.

The user interface (UI ) and user experience design (UX ) represent two important components that define the success of any mobile program. While UI design offers the visual communication that demonstrates this app to the person, UX design talks about multiple facets of human interaction with app and website. Let alone, this design should be interactive and attractive.


What is the user's need?

UX — User experience and UI — User interface is the combination of science, ability, wonder and critical thought. As a UX/UI designer the duties are mainly these three things; do whatever the hired to do, if it's the mobile program, site or board: INTUITIVE, FUNCTIONAL and PLEASING to the eye. The wealth of working remotely is The lovely thing, allowing you to go frequently and scrape off more items on The bucket list.

Some developers have this usage of using statements , e.g., UI and UX interchangeably. Still, UX, or individual experience, is not the same situation as the UI, or individual interface. Thus, it’s important to make the difference between the two when speaking about software development and innovation. The expert can tell the intricacies between UI vs UX to help you better understand how they disagree.

What does he want?

UI and UX represent indivisible. But does this mean that you will employ a UX/UI designer, a single individual who will accomplish the entire process of UX design from A to Z? UX and UI design are components of the complete, and it may be fair to attribute this entire activity to one person. But the question is that UX design needs a broader skillset and more content than simply graphic design.

  • UX designers need to have an understanding of the user's needs and wants.
  • They must also know how to use technology effectively.

  • They should be able to communicate with users in a way that is understandable and easy for them.

Prototyping is this phase of UX innovation that is dealt between UI and UX architects. Some claim that existence of wireframes and mockups is the duty of the UX designer, while the UI designer runs on the model. However, the UI designer works on the visible part of the interface and enforces it in the model. Get’s see what the scene consists of.

What is his goal?

User experience (UX ) designers are in charge of leading users safely to their coveted ends. Some people connect this term UI (user interface) to this job to determine people who are in charge of what the person sees and how the person interacts with the digital product. Typically, people with the UI background make out these patterns that can help UX people attain the experiences they want their users to live.

The Primary goal of any job is to increase its sales and increase the development of the enterprise. UX/UI Design plays an important part in accomplishing the goal. The UX/UI Design of this program improves the user experience and consumer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the amount of users of this particular program.

Why should he use it?

Effective and powerful UI/UX improvement is one that ticks more checkboxes. It should be specific, useful, simple on the heart, the visual treat, and Certainly, should give all pertinent information. The primary purpose of UI design is to reach the interaction between the individual and the structure which is intuitive, easy and effective. The great UI design plays a great part in the person not having to get the sweat in order to control the shoe. ‘How to make incredible UI’ is the subject all designers and developers need, on a daily basis.

What is the purpose of using it?

Mainly, User interface design (UI ) is the role of user experience designing (UX ) . And both are as valuable when it comes to goods innovation. Therefore to make the marketable and easy to use products, one must focus on UX , too as UI. Now get’s dive a little deeper into the murky waters of individual content and user interface design. Essentially, UX design is all about the process of making simple to use and practical products users can enjoy interacting with. By enhancing the individual experience of the products, users can be able to see value at what you have to pay. This being said, there is no complete statement of what person experience design is.

UX design is more like a combination of two different types of product development: User experience and UI design. User experience is the way people interact with your product or service, while UI design is design. User experience is the way people interact with your product the way they interact with it. In other words, UX design is how people use your product or service, whereas UI design is the way people interact with your product or service.

  1. UX design is about creating an experience that users will want to use again and again.
  2. UX design is about making sure that you are designing for the right audience.
  3. UX design is about understanding the needs of your target market.

If you adopt the narrative approach to UI design, all you want to make is the book editor. Some time ago, I've issued my ideas on UX work as somewhat original and unknown part of UI/UX design. Even though this knowledge of user-oriented texts in interfaces has always existed there, it had never been spoken as the standalone subject. We sometimes call it "language design" and it's either the skillset the skilled designer has to develop or a work for the writer who's into the design.

Language and Tools:- HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, Photoshoap, Illustrator, CoralDrow etc.

Framework:-, Ionic, jQuery Mobile, Onsen UI, Mobile Angular UI, ReactJS, AngularJS etc.


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